We’d like to give your business a better ride to work


Slide is the smart bus for Bristol, a shared service that takes the hassle out of getting to and from work.

We're available 6:45-9:45am and 3:30-7:30pm, Monday to Friday. You can book your ride in advance or up to 10 minutes before you travel, with just a few taps of our clever app.

So if you or your staff commute by car, bus or train and are looking for a stress-free alternative then why not give us a whirl? Our affordable, fixed fares and use of the bus lanes could save your business time and money!

A solution for Bristol
We know that commuting in Bristol can be a daily struggle, from unreliable buses to expensive or hard to find parking, not to mention the city’s terrible traffic problem. 

A recent study found that motorists in Bristol can lose over 30 minutes of their morning as a result of getting stuck in rush hour traffic. Other studies have shown that those with longer commutes felt more anxious and less satisfied with work and life than those with shorter ones.

We’d like to help your business by giving your employees a better means of getting to and from work, one which is; Reliable, Efficient and Sustainable.

A solution for YOU
As a startup we’re agile and we’d love to work with you to develop bespoke solutions that are in line with your needs but here’s a few suggestions of what we could offer:

  • An attractive incentive for your employees
  • A dedicated service for your business
  • A sustainable solution to congestion and parking problems around your workplace

50% OFF for your staff
We're pretty confident your staff will love Slide so we'd love to create a special promotional code to give your employees 50% off 10 Slide trips so that they can try Slide our for a whole week at half price!

Get in touch with Roddy Scaife to find out how we can help your business and staff needs and how to claim your special offer. We’d love to arrange an appointment to come and see you to tell you more about Slide.

Use the form below or email roddy@slidebristol.com

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