We're improving your pickup times!

More frequency, more predictability, same great service!

We’re making some changes which we hope will make your Slide service even better.

When you book a Slide, some pretty clever processes in the background called algorithms work out the best route option for you based on what vehicles are available at that time, demand from other Slide users as well as traffic conditions.

We know that on some occasions you may not have been able to book a Slide for the time that you’d like, so we’ve been busy improving those algorithms.

When will the changes take place?
From Monday 5th March, when you book a Slide, the pickup times you are shown should be more predictable as well as being more frequent.
What will this mean for me?
If you work in the city centre we aim to have Slides arriving there on average every 15 minutes in the mornings and leaving on average every 10 minutes in the evenings. If you work outside of the centre we hope to give you similar frequency.

We hope that this will enable you to rely on on Slide more at the times you need it, and allow you to better plan your morning and evening routine. We know that your time is valuable, so reliability is our number one priority.

We would love your feedback, as with any new technology there may be some kinks in the road that we need to iron out but that feedback helps us to improve your service even further.

If you have any questions at all, you can email us at hello@slidebristol.com

Many thanks

Team Slide

Leave the car at home on Car Free Day and Slide to work for FREE!


Friday 22nd September is World Car Free Day and we want to help you, help Bristol be as car free as possible!

As cities all over the planet take part, we want to show the UK and the world that Bristol is committed to reducing air pollution, traffic jams and air-quality related health problems. We are Bristol and we are committed to tackling climate change!

So this World Car Free Day we're offering a FREE Slide to and from work for leaving your car at home.

How It Works
Just book a Slide for Friday 22nd September to get you to and from work and enter the promo code below on the pay screen...hey presto, free rides!

Use code 'CARFREE' to book*

We'll also have collection buckets in each Slide so we're asking you to donate your usual commuting fare/petrol money to the British Heat Foundation (if you wish).

So go Car Free this World Car Free Day and help Bristol beat climate change, and raise a bit of money along the way!

The smart bus for Bristol

Slide is a smart bus for Bristol, we're a shared ride to work service which you book via an app. 

Book in advance (up to 10 minutes before departure), walk to your pickup point, meet our professional Slide driver and relax whilst we transport you to and from work. Rides will cost between £4 - £7 (or much cheaper with Slide credit). Check your route in-app to find a fare.

Here's how Slide can help you beat those back to work blues!

Here's how Slide can help you beat those back to work blues!

Whether the summer holiday you took in July feels like a lifetime ago or you’ve just got back from a week in the sun, chances are you’ll be suffering from the back to work blues! But September doesn’t have to be a struggle, make a few little tweaks to your daily routine and take advantage of a hassle free experience with Slide