How to become a morning person in a few simple steps, and get some FREE Pukka tea along the way!

You know the feeling, back to work after a break or a relaxing weekend and nothing’s going to stand between you and Zen. This week is yours! 

Alas, life has an uncanny knack of unravelling those good intentions all too easily, the traffic jam on the way to work, the bus that doesn’t arrive or an unexpected Monday morning crisis meeting!

So, all the more important that in this fast paced world we live in, we make time for ourselves, relax, unwind, and do whatever it is that makes life that little bit calmer.

Here at Slide we’re all about making your life a little easier, taking away your troublesome journey to work and replacing it with one that’s more soothing, simpler and hassle-free.

We’ve teamed up with Bristol’s very own Pukka Tea and their Senior Herbal Adviser, Katie Pande to bring you tips on what you can do to kick start your day. We’ve even got FREE Pukka Tea for every Slide passenger in June!

Your new morning routine
The best way to build your energy for the day ahead is to tune into what your daily needs are. Where are you using lots of energy? Is it in facing the challenge of digesting the food you are eating? Is it in the mental struggle of finding contentment? Is it from not sleeping properly? Whatever it is try and add some of the following energy building habits and suggestions into your daily life:

  • Go to bed early, preferably before 11 the night before. This helps you get a good night’s rest.
  • Before 7am is often the best time to get up in the morning; the longer you lie in, the more sluggish you can feel. Give it a go for a week, and see how you feel.
  • Eat a nourishing warm meal first thing in the morning that will sustain your blood sugar levels and energy. Drink warm herbal drinks throughout the day. Warm drinks improve digestion. Avoid too much caffeine as, like all stimulants, it creates a ‘peak and crash’ effect.
  • Have a warm shower and ‘skin brush’ using a loofa or skin brush to get your circulation going.
  • Try some simple stretches, breathing exercises and/or yoga to encourage circulation and energy flow throughout the body.
  • Have some fun. There is nothing like a good laugh and some good times with friends and family to get your energies going.

By making a few simple changes to your routine you’ll be well on your way to ensuring you and Zen stay best friends right through the week. And by letting Slide take care of your ride to work, you’ll find there’s even more time in your mornings for that valuable ‘you-time’!

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