Bristol is the UK's most environmentally friendly city!


In a new study, Bristol has been named as the most environmentally friendly city in the country. 

The study, by property website took the UK's top 10 major cities with the highest percentage of green space and calculated which had the most positive impact on the environment. 

Recycling levels, energy consumption, green space and carbon dioxide emissions were all taken into account and the cities were ranked from 1 to 10 with our fine city taking the prime spot!

It turns out that we in Bristol are the keenest recyclers, with 44% of our household waste being reused, we also have more green party seats than any of the other cities with 16, only Edinburgh comes close with 14. Surprisingly London's carbon emissions are lower than our 1,863,000 tonnes, but we're way ahead of Birmingham who produce nearly 5 million tonnes!

For the full list and to see how we compared visit:

Here at Slide we like to think we're helping keep Bristol the green city it is with our sustainable shared ride-to-work service, beating Bristol's traffic isn't easy but by encouraging vehicle sharing we can help lower emissions further.  When you book a Slide into work or home in the evenings you'll be sharing with others going the same way, with up to 8 people in a vehicle at once, that's potentially a lot less traffic on the road!

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