The best way of getting to Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Here's how to make sure you don't let work get in the way of seeing this year's spectacular balloon displays at Bristol Balloon Fiesta on Thursday and Friday.

It's one of the biggest and most heavily anticipated dates of the Bristol calendar. So, don't let getting to work on time or afternoon traffic get in the way of being able to see it, and get that all important photo!

Book a Slide - get 20% OFF
We operate on both Thursday and Friday and we're offering 20% off for you when you book a Slide to get to your chosen viewing point. 

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If you want to watch the action from Ashton Court we recommend you book to or from either Greville Smyth Park or Clifton Suspension Bridge and continuing on foot from there to the nearby entrances, this way you won't get stuck in traffic around the main gates.

Thursday and Friday morning
It pays to be an early riser, many say the 6am morning ascents are the most spectacular, why not get up a little earlier than usual and enjoy the sight? You'll get to work on time by booking a Slide to work afterwards. If you're at Ashton Court book from Greville Smyth Park or Clifton Suspension Bridge, both just a short walk from the site.

Thursday's spectacular night glow
Get to Ashton Court or your favourite viewing point (there's some suggestions below) to see the special shape balloons lift at 6pm. Alternatively take your time and get to Ashton Court to see the spectacular night glow and fireworks, get there early to get the best spot. Use our promo code above to get 20% off your Slide after work, just book using the locations above for Ashton Court. 

The first mass evening ascent on Friday
Weather permitting, get to see all the balloons ascent at once which is a truly magical sight. Book a Slide from work to make sure you get there for 6pm, we operate from 3:300 so if you can nip off work early why not take in the festivities at Ashton Court?

Here's our top 3 places to get a good view of the balloons

  1. Clifton Downs - The choice for those wanting to escape the crowds and watch the balloons fly over the river past the sea wall
  2. Brandon Hill - Perfect for those working in the city centre, take a cheeky drink up to Brandon Tower and get a spectacular unspoilt view from one of the city's best landmarks
  3. Perrett Park - A favourite with families. This park in the Bedminster/Knowle area is on a steep slope and has a great view of Ashton court, and you'll often get the balloons flying right overhead!

We've got our fingers crossed for a clear and dry weekend, have fun if you're heading down, just download the Slide app to book your ride (Thursday and Friday only)

Get 20% off a Slide on Thursday and Friday*

Get 20% off a Slide on Thursday and Friday*

*promo code valid for 20% off, expires 11/08/17 at 8pm