Here's how Slide can help you beat those back to work blues!

Annual leave used up save for a few days you’re keeping for Christmas ✅
The realisation that there’s no more bank holidays left until Christmas ✅
Boss is back from holiday, goodbye long lunch breaks ✅

Whether the summer holiday you took in July feels like a lifetime ago or you’ve just got back from a week in the sun, chances are you’ll be suffering from one or all of the above symptoms of the back to work blues!

But September doesn’t have to be a struggle, by making a few little tweaks to your daily routine and taking advantage of a hassle free experience with Slide, you’ll barely notice those chilly mornings and the nights drawing in.

We’re here for you, here’s some hints on how we can help make sure September isn’t a return to the grindstone!

1. Save money with Slide credit


You can travel every day for as little as £2.40 by snapping up some Slide credit, there’s discounts of up to 40%! Our little table here shows how much you can save. Sounding good? Just go to ‘My Wallet’ in your app (or tap here if you’re reading on mobile).

2. Use us for the school run


With the kids back to school, it’s another thing to plan your mornings around. Book a Slide to school and for a limited time take up to 2 kids FREE of charge (just make sure you book them on in your app). Children over 14 can travel unaccompanied, for unaccompanied children under 14 consent must be given via email, find out more here. Alternatively, why not walk the kids to school and book your Slide from the school gates?

3. Book your week up front


You’ve got better things to do so why not leave arranging your morning and evening commute to us. Did you know you can book up to 2 weeks in advance in your app?

So, book for the week and give yourself more time to spend on what’s important? Like spending some extra time with the kids in the morning, or actually enjoying a good breakfast at home.

4. Invest in a new coat

Ok, we can’t help you with this one but it’s one bit of advice we stand by. Snuggling into a nice new coat on a cold morning goes a long way to stave off those blues!