Doing our bit for a greener Bristol!

Together with our new (nearly) lifesize cutout of a Slide van we attended the Go Green Bristol event this morning.  

In a week where we've heard some sobering news about world climate and worries about how the new President Elect is going to respond, it was brilliant to hear about some of the great things that we're doing on a local level here in Bristol.  Wonderful to hear about the initiatives of the North Bristol NHS Trust, based at Southmead Hospital to get staff using more sustainable transport through offering 50% off bus fares, introducing awards schemes, encouraging liftsharing and (we're thrilled to hear) the use of Slide!

We, as well as everyone else in the room were also fascinating to hear Adam Crowther of Bristol City Council talk about Bristol's plans for a sustainable transport future and the role Metrobus is going to play.

Finally, hearing about Bristol's place as one of the three lead cities in the REPLICATE Project was inspiring.  A European research and development project, funded by the EU, it's is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and increase sustainable mobility through electric bikes, cars and local renewable energy schemes.

Feeling very proud of our green city today!