A smart bus for the school run


We know congestion outside school gates is an issue. Councils around the country have now started to take pollution levels outside schools more seriously, cracking down on parents dropping children near school gates or leaving engine’s idling whilst they wait. 

Well, we’re providing a solution for parents in Bristol for getting their children to school in a safe, convenient and cost effective way.

Juggling the school run and your own commute doesn't have to be a struggle, we're offering another choice for the school drop.

Here’s how it works:

  • Children under 7 - Will need to be accompanied, please book for the total number of passengers.
  • Children aged 8-13 - Can ride unaccompanied but consent must be  given by emailing hello@slidebristol.com. A booking must be made for  children using your app. If your nearest pickup/drop off point is too far away from the school please let us know, we can look at moving this closer for you.
  • Children over 14 - Can travel independently, no consent is required and a booking must be made.

We do appreciate that you may enjoy walking your children to school, in which case why not book an onward Slide to work from school.

If you wish to take a baby/toddler (under age 2) with you, no ticket is required and they can sit on your lap.

The benefits of using Slide for the school run

  • We can help reduce the number of cars outside school gates reducing congestion and air pollution.
  • We can give you more time to spend with your children in the morning by making your commute  less stressful and time-consuming.
  • We can offer a safe and cost effective alternative to taxis.

LIMITED OFFER - Take up to 2 children free of charge
For a limited time when you book for up to 3 people, the second and third passengers are free. Take advantage of this offer and you can take up to 2 children to school for as little as £4.

You can read the full terms of our children policy here.

If you have any questions, we'd be happy to help, just drop us an email to hello@slidebristol.com