Cookies Policy

Sometimes we use cookies to help improve your experience of our website. Our cookies are set in your browser and we assume you're happy with this if you continue using our website.

Our cookies and what they do

Essential cookies

Without these cookies, our website and mobile application won't work properly. They help you move around the secure areas of the website. These cookies:

·      Remember things like information you enter in forms. Without these cookies, information would be lost every time you go to a new page.

·      If you're signed in to a secure area, these cookies recognise that you have already signed in. Without them, you'd need to sign in each time you go to a new page.

Cookies for website information

These cookies collect anonymous information about how visitors use our website. We use this information to improve our website. These cookies give us an overall picture of how people use our website by telling us things like the number of visitors to each page and what people do on the page, like which links they click on.

Cookies that save your settings

When you fill in a form with your name or other details, these cookies remember, so you don't have to type it in each time you come back. These cookies:

·      Remember if we've already asked you something so that we don't keep asking you.

·      Remember if you're on the mobile or desktop version of the website.

·      Show you when you're logged in to the website.