Meet our Sliders


Since we launched we've been taking the stress out of getting to work for thousands of people in Bristol. Slide isn’t just about getting to work more conveniently, it’s about giving our Sliders a better alternative, more flexibility and more time to enjoy the important things in life (which we don’t think involves waiting at bus stops or sitting in traffic jams). 




Candi’s been Sliding to work since we launched in Bristol in 2016. She loves how convenient it is, and how much time it saves her in the mornings meaning she can hit snooze guilt free, a lot more these days!

How would you sum up Slide?
A breath of fresh air!

How has Slide changed the way you commute?
I am NOT a morning person so Slide is a digital dream for those times when you snooze your alarm three too many times, spend forever looking for your keys only to discover they're in your pocket or get ten minutes into your walk to realise you've left your laptop. It normally gets me in to work even quicker than the ETA, which is always a bonus. It only costs a few quid more than the bus, yet saves you a whole lot of sanity! Slide is also hangover lifesaver!

What do you like most about the Slide experience?
The drivers are refreshingly friendly. They really are. It's so nice to have drivers who are actually upbeat, positive and courteous in Bristol. 

I've hopped in one to Temple Meads, the doctor's surgery and loads of other destinations too, easily and conveniently. The price is great. £4, you can justify unlike the crazy taxi prices. 

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With 2 children, Kate’s a busy mum. Taking a Slide to work means she can catch up on emails with the free WiFi and most importantly she always gets home in time for bedtime stories.

How would you sum up Slide?
Polite, reliable drivers. Fast journey times, easily half the time it takes me to commute by bus. Plus, very good customer support.

How has Slide changed the way you commute?
I used to commute by bus and it was a very frustrating experience; long queues on the bus stop, buses not stopping because they were full, standing room only, or people coughing on you. Now I have my own comfy seat, radio to listen to and drivers who know when to chat and when to leave you to zone out. 

If I have phone calls I need to make, being in a Slide feels sufficiently private to do that. On my way to work, it's time to prepare for my day ahead, send emails etc, which saves me valuable time when I'm at work and Slide’s free WiFi is great! At the end of the day, my ride home is all about relaxing with my kindle whilst I'm speeding home to read bedtime stories to my 2 year old son. 

What do you like most about the Slide experience?
I can set my pick up or arrival times. This allows me to spend more time at home and maximises the time I have at work and I don't need to leave my desk until the app tells me my Slide is 4 minutes away! 

Slide means I get calm, quiet time at the start and finish of my busy working day. If I have no work I need to do, I relax and watch Bristol go by. 

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For Noelle, Slide’s changed her life. She enjoys cycling to work but now she can choose the days she wants to cycle, and travel to work in comfort the rest of the time!

How would you sum up Slide?
Slide has been life-changing. The drivers are all lovely, and many of them now recognise me and I constantly feel very well taken care of. I can't recommend Slide highly enough. 

How has Slide changed the way you commute?
I normally cycle, and this has always been because it's the quickest easiest (and cheapest) option. Slide gives me a quicker, easier option for the days I'm unwell, or have a lot of things to carry, or even when I know I'm going to be doing a long day and I just want to take things a bit easier. It is more expensive than public transport, but by such a small margin it makes it great value for saving an hour of my time every time I use it. 

I live in a public transport back hole, where a bus takes an hour and a half, a combination of train and walking takes just under an hour and walking takes an hour. It's been life-changing to be able to get into work in 10 minutes on the days I can't cycle, which just wouldn't have been an option before. I prefer cycling to work, but having the freedom to get a lift into or home from work quickly and easily allows me to appreciate it even more.It's the perfect complement to my usual commute. 

What do you like most about the Slide experience?
I used to worry when I was ill but still well enough to work, because there is no easy way to get to and from work. I used to cycle the several miles uphill even when I knew I probably shouldn't, because the prospect was less exhausting than 1.5 hours on the bus. Slide means I can get a lift in when I'm not well, which has made my recovery times quicker. It's been really noticeable this year.


More happy customer who ride with Slide, enjoying hassle free commuting in Bristol

Great service, on time, friendly drivers, a very good alternative to public transport with very reasonable prices. Highly recommend. — Rob Flower - Facebook
A comfortable alternative to getting to and from work. Dropped my car in for an MOT so needed a way into work. Will probably alternate between driving and using slide from now. Good stuff (On time too) 
— Allan Wheller - Google
“Lovely driver. Spot on time”— Emma Tyrrell - Google Play Store
Great service - good price, reliable and friendly. Definitely going to use this again and would recommend it— Ellen Cheriton Nee Brake - Facebook
“Great first Slide… got me to work on time…”— Simon Farley - Google Play Store

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