World Mental Health Day - how commuting can impact on you


We all have good days and bad days, but sometimes those bad days build up.

Firstly its good to talk and the sooner the better, that can be with a friend, a stranger, an organisation such as the Samaritans or Occupational Health within your company.

Please don’t suffer in silence with the Black Dog, Shed Collapses, being Under a Cloud or feeling down or however you describe your feelings, you know when you’re not happy.

Commuting daily to work is identified as one of the daily lows and can be a trigger for depression. This can account for 20% of your working day, not the part you actually get paid for either.

Extracts from a report published by Royal Society of Public Health :
"Why your commute is killing you: stressful rush-hour journeys are shortening commuters' lifespans," the report arguing that commuting can negatively impact both physical and mental health.

In England and Wales 90% of the workforce commutes to work, spending an average of 56 minutes travelling, rising to 79 minutes in London.

The benefits of active travel, such as cycling and walking to work, are well known, yet the majority of commuters opt for passive travel, commuting by car, bus or train – often out of necessity rather than choice.

The main findings were that health status, level of happiness and satisfaction were lower for people who had longer commutes. These people were also more likely to go to their GP.

In a poll of 1,500 people, 55% said they felt more stressed as a result of their commute.

A recommendation of downloading some podcasts on to your smartphone ahead of time can keep you distracted during your commute, which may help reduce your stress levels.

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Less cars on the road, hassle free commuting and some time to yourself are a few steps to relive commuting stress.